Buying a Practice

Buying A Practice Can Be A Complicated Process

An acquisition is the quickest way to grow your business. Finding a practice can be difficult and time consuming. Thrive Financial Group offers the tools and advice necessary to make the process as quick and rewarding as possible, for those looking at buying an accounting practice.

Do you know the proper steps to buying an accounting practice? Are you searching for accounting or tax practice for sale in your area? If you’re looking for practices for sale, you’ve come to the right place. Maybe you’ve successfully grown your own firm, and now you want to grow through acquisition. Or perhaps, you are looking into buying or starting an accounting practice or tax firm. Our brokers are dedicated to finding you the right practice for sale – one that fits your needs with regards to size, location, cash flow, financing, and client mix.

Please visit our current listings to find the right practice to meet your needs. If we don’t have a suitable listing for you, we’ll work to find a practice owner who wants to discuss selling as part of our Proactive Practice Search Program.

To get started, we need to gather some confidential information from you. Please visit the Buyer’s Inquiry. Upon completing the inquiry we place you on our notification list for new listings that fit your criteria.

Are you interested in our practices for Sale?

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