Practice For Sale in Rock Hill, SC

Price: $453,000

Location: Rock Hill, South Carolina

Industry: Accounting and Tax Practices

Listing ID: 01

Listing Status: Sold


Rock Hill, South Carolina is a business-savvy blend of historic charm and responsibly implemented expansion. The city is located on the north-central area of South Carolina approximately 20 miles south of Charlotte, North Carolina. Retirement minded CPA. Available for transition period.
Monthly Clients 35 Total $135,652
Quarterly Clients 19 Total $32,195
Annual Clients 20 Total $15,994
Income Tax:
Individuals 278 Total $124,462
Businesses 69 Total $48,545
Other 12 Total $5,660
No Attest Services
Tax Planning & consulting Total $15,576
Total Gross Income $378,084
Asking Price: $453,000


Total Sales: $378,000

Cash Flow: $120,000

FFE: $6,000

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Todd Steinberg

Todd Steinberg